Pala Casino Bus Schedules Changes For Current Weekend And Weekday Schedules

The Pala Casino Bus Company will be operating on their regular Monday to Friday schedule, as scheduled, as they have a temporary facility set up in-between their permanent location. There will be no changes to the schedule.

“We are not going to operate on a more luxurious schedule, we have to service the tourists and they are interested in getting into a business-class ticket, if you will,” said Mike Quaglia, owner of the Pala Casino Bus Company. “We feel like it is already too nice of a life, to have to look over the seats, especially for such a busy schedule.”

“My focus is on being a fun family business, and running the San Diego community bus company is a little bit of both,” Quaglia said. “We really do enjoy the fact that there are people that travel from the south bay, to downtown, to La Jolla, to College Heights and all over the city of San Diego, and we provide entertainment and transportation on those routes. I am just focusing on being able to do it on a more consistent basis and have the ability to offer those services for the residents of the San Diego area.”

The Pala Casino Bus Company operates buses along the entire length of the city of San Diego, Monday through Friday. On weekends, their service extends to several of the city’s northern suburbs and some of the mountain valleys in the north.

They did not expect the regular season to be so hectic. “We are going to make adjustments,” Quaglia said.

“The official date we have set is July 10th, which is the anniversary of the opening of our first facility in the northwest valley,” Quaglia said. “That will be our final day of operation.

“It will be a great big celebration, everyone who owns a Pala Casino Bus is going to be there, and our passengers are going to be able to get out and enjoy themselves, have a grand old time.” The Pala Casino Bus Company wants to thank all their loyal customers.

They currently have seven different colors of buses that they can choose from, according to their current roster of passengers. These bus company vehicles are equipped with state of the art facilities, DVD players, keyboards, music systems, an upgraded air conditioning system, a bar, WiFi Internet access, DVD units, luxury and executive seats, leather seating, video games, televisions, cocktail bars, beer and wine, and a private bar.

Not only are they providing services in San Diego, but they are also providing services out of their offices in Sanger, California. The bus company offices are located near Reno, Nevada.

“The exciting part about doing this, the reason it is so enjoyable, is you don’t have to worry about doing things, the itinerary is all laid out for you, everything is covered,” Quaglia said. “You are taking care of the passenger, but at the same time you are still participating in something very enjoyable.

“There are millions of people that live in San Diego and surrounding areas that want to come into the city and play casino games,” Quaglia said. “We offer entertainment for people on a daily basis, and we are in the business of making sure that our customers are happy, and we feel that the best thing that we can do for them is to put them together with something that is very exciting for them.

“It’s more than just taking care of the customers, it’s also giving them that option to get out and enjoy themselves while we are working hard on trying to make sure that our customers are happy,” Quaglia said. For additional information, contact the Pala Casino Bus Company at (619) 322-7800.